8lock Academy, an educational arm of 8LOCK Solutionslaunched its first meetup series —Collaboration in the era of Decentralization in November 2018.  The initiative serves to help individuals from different professions collaborate in the blockchain space. The aim of these workshops are to identify synergy between developers, entrepreneurs, UX/UI designers, marketers and other key team members that go into establishing a successful blockchain project or startup.

We like to call ourselves enablers, who help get things done. In addition to this, the workshop was centered around the discussion of how blockchain technology is being applied to different industries.

There was heavy focus on the education and health sector, as the participants discussed the pros and cons of having decentralized data access for hospital networks around the world, as well as the benefits of having an intelligence score monitoring system that may arise as a result of having each individual’s educational scores as well as certifications such as code of conduct and work experience related data all on the blockchain that will be assessed by algorithms who will determine a person’s intelligence score.

Each meetup explores a different aspect of the Blockchain. To be part of upcoming meetup sessions, join 8lock’s meetup group: Join Now