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Our mission is to build an ecosystem of forward thinkers by delivering blockchain training and certification around the world. Be part of the global decentralization movement by enrolling in one of our online or classroom training sessions.

Blockchain technology is on the rise around the world ever since its discovery in 2009. Major governments such as the United Arab Emirates, aim at using blockchain technology to decentralize and streamline processed while eliminating paperwork by using secure digital verification mechanism.

8lock Academy is a leading institute headquartered in California, that offers world-class education focused around blockchain technology. 8lock is endorsed by Hyperledger – The Linux Foundation as an Authorised Training Partner (ATP).

More About 8Lock Blockchain Academy

If you have questions such as “what is blockchain technology,” you have come to the right place. Our blockchain academy offers some of the top blockchain courses available in Dubai and attracts students from across the globe.

You might consider implementing blockchain technology, therefore it is important to know what blockchain is and how it works. It is used by countless businesses to make time-consuming tasks faster and store data in a more secure way. Many industries make use of it to be more efficient and increase productivity. Our online courses are perfect for those who don’t yet have a clear understanding of blockchain entails, as well as for those who want to sharpen their expertise.

Besides offering the best blockchain courses in Dubai, we also offer the most affordable prices. In these courses you will have blockchain technology explained to you by a professional and learn everything there is to know about this innovative technology. Have blockchain explained in detail to unlock its true potential.

When you join the 8Lock Bloackchain Academy, you will receive word-class blockchain education. You will know exactly how blockchain works and how you can use it in the most efficient way.

To get your blockchain certification in Dubai, enrol at 8Lock Blockchain Academy today.

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Blockchain Applied

An overview of blockchain technology and its applications.

Category: Instructor Led
Course Fee: AED 400 - AED 800
Location: Dubai

Blockchain Architecture

An in-depth 3-day programme focused on blockchain architecture.

Category: Workshop
Course Fee: AED 3000
Location: Dubai


A 5 day case study based course focusing on tokenization.

Category: Online
Course Fee: AED 1500
Enrollment starts in February 2019

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