Blockchain technology has been a highly discussed topic in the banking and financial industry recently due to its benefits over traditional methods. This section includes the various solutions that we provide to the fintech sector.





Cross Border Payments

The transfer of value has always been an expensive and slow process. This is particularly true for cross-border payments. Blockchain technology is able to speed up and simplify this process - and also reduces the costs significantly.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts remove the need for intermedieries during transactions. They help you exchange currency, property, shares or anything of value based on a set of  rules that are agreed upon mutually by associated parties.

Identity Verification

In today's world, every online transaction requires you to provide personal information. Blockchain technology solves identity management problems by creating encrypted digital identities that the system authenticates without exposing personal data to businesses.

Increased Transaction Speed

Traditional methods in stock markets are time-consuming while being associated with high costs. Blockchain technology introduces a new era where stocks are transferred directly between stock market participants, thereby allowing quick transactions.

No Intermediary

Since blockchain technology introduces smart contracts that function with a set of rules, participants trade directly with one another, therefore eliminating intermediaries, leading to reduced transaction costs.

Easier Deployment

Companies exploiting the benefits of blockchain technology are able to gain public lisiting in the form of issuing tokens that is a much quicker process than the complications of going through an IPO to be listed on a stock exchange.

Data Accuracy

Insurers can reduce fraudulent activity and reduce errors significantly since blockchain technology can provide authenticity of customers and their claims. Since blockchain allows multiple third parties to share data amongst each other, problems such as Medicare fraud can be eliminated.

Big Data

Blockchain technology creates big data over time as it is non-destructible which helps to implement a fair pricing policy by creating a trend analysis based on elements such as a number of accidents per driver, accident rates with certain types of vehicles, as well as an individual's health over time.

Automated Claims

The mutual sharing of data amongst multiple parties gives room for more efficient processes. For example, at the time of a car accident, instead of filing various reports, insurance companies could be directly connected to the traffic department's statements, that would automatically generate a claim.

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