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Empowering organizations with decentralized technology and delivering blockchain training and certification across the globe.

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We are a blockchain company in Dubai that aims at unlocking the potential of decentralized technology for businesses. Our highly experienced team offers consultancy to identify opportunities for efficient blockchain technology implementation after which our solutions team works on customized products based on sector. In addition to this our educational arm hosts workshops and courses from foundation level aimed at giving C level executives and managers an overall perspective to blockchain engineering courses for developers and those interested in being part of this industry.

Industries Disrupted
Global spending on blockchain solutions


Identifying areas where blockchain technology implementation could help decentralize processes.

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Creating custom blockchain solutions and smart contracts based on industry and application identified.

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Hosting a wide variety of courses ranging from blockchain foundations to our blockchain engineering course.

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"Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day"

Fred Ehrsam

Use Cases


Eliminating paperwork and reducing costs, while increasing efficiency traceability and AI.


Controlling prescription drugs while providing accurate and immutable patient records.


Blockchain technology revolutionizes banking, stock markets, and insurance mechanism.

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