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We are a blockchain company in Dubai that aims at unlocking the potential of decentralized technology for businesses. Our highly experienced team offers consultancy to identify opportunities for efficient blockchain technology implementation after which our solutions team works on customized products based on sector. In addition to this our educational arm hosts workshops and courses from foundation level aimed at giving C level executives and managers an overall perspective to blockchain engineering courses for developers and those interested in being part of this industry.

Blockchain Consulting for Dubai Based Companies


8lock is a leading Dubai based blockchain consulting and training organisation, on a mission to help companies transform the way they operate. Our blockchain solutions include an academy which plays host to a number of courses.


What started in the world of cryptocurrency, with its fast pace and new things to learn as well as new terminology to get a grasp of, has grown into a powerful tool that minimises costs, time and paperwork.

Blockchain is without a doubt one of the most ingenious inventions of modern times. Since its initial creation at the hands of the person (or people) known as Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain has evolved in numerous ways. Many people are still, however, unsure about what blockchain is and how or where it can be used.

Initially, the system was designed to be the guardian of cryptocurrency. As such it allowed digital information to be distributed via the right channels without it being copied. The entire concept was originally meant to be used purely for digital currency but as with any great invention, it has outgrown itself and become popular in other digital areas of business.

Like most of life’s more complicated developments, you don’t necessarily have to know exactly how blockchain works in order for you to enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer. You should also know that it is possible for you to create your own blockchain, with the right help of course, and make it completely unique to your business. You can make blockchain work like a dream, just for you.

How Blockchain Works…In A Nutshell

The longer version of this explanation would take a considerable amount of time and could leave you even more unsure of your knowledge than when we began. So, to make things that much easier, we’re breaking down the complicated words and helping you get the right idea about exactly what blockchain is.

Think of the system as a single document spread out over various networks of computers. All of the documents are the same but they all update every time something is changed. If you can envision this, you have a fairly basic and accurate idea about how a blockchain works. All of the information is stored on a shared database which means that none of the data is stored in a single location. All records of the data remain public and can be verified if necessary. The database is hosted by millions of computers, all at the same time and everyone has access to it. As you can imagine, because there is no centralised data, the security risks are greatly reduced. And decentralisation is one of the main aims of this unique system.

The very structure of any blockchain makes it almost impossible to destroy or corrupt.


Who Benefits From Using A Blockchain?

As mentioned, the whole system was established for cryptocurrency but has since grown to include other aspects of the digital world. The finance industry, at the moment, enjoy the most use from having this technology and as the benefits of blockchain continues to make itself known, there is a high demand for affordable blockchain consultants and developers. In fact, this need might be exactly why you have come to us!

With blockchain technology, you are very effectively cutting out the middleman while minimising a lot of work which would have been necessary should you have gone the traditional route. And with the right user-friendly blockchain app, which in our terms is dubbed a “wallet”, the general public have an easy way to buy things or even fill out hassle some paperwork.

So not only do traders and business people find great use when they have their own blockchain, but they can extend their technology to their customers and make it easier for everyone to do business. 8lock offers blockchain solutions to well-known businesses around the world.

As blockchain is moving well beyond the realms of digital currency, now is the best time to bring it into your company.


The Rise of Blockchain Technology in Dubai

In just about every way, Dubai is an innovative industry leader. This city is one that shows all signs of becoming the world’s very first futuristic hub with robotic police officers, self-driving cars and even flying public transport among some of the plans to revolutionise the way of life.

So it is quite unsurprising that Dubai also plans on becoming the first city in the world to use blockchain for all bill payments, license renewals and visa applications, all of which make up a cool 100 million documents. By adopting blockchain, up to 25.1 million hours and $1.5 billion can be saved in a single year. And a paperless government is just the start as companies now also begin to take advantage of this helpful, advanced digital technology.

About 8lock Solutions

We are one of the industry leaders in blockchain technology in Dubai, UAE. At 8lock, we are a team of expert blockchain consultants based in Dubai. Our mission is to identify opportunities for blockchain to be implemented in various business sectors. The aim is to decentralise various processes in order to increase efficiency and to allow transparency.

Being a linux foundation partner, we are proud to be amongst the leading blockchain consultancy firms in the Middle East who also offer a platform for blockchain related education that is delivered by highly trained instructors and experienced developers.

Hyperledger is one of the projects hosted by the linux foundation. The 8Lock team is proud to be part of the global Hyperledger community. We especially work to make advancements in the field of blockchain technology in Dubai, UAE.

There is no better time than right now to get in touch with our consultants for more information about blockchain consulting and find the ideal blockchain solutions for your company.

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Identifying areas where blockchain technology implementation could help decentralize processes.

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Creating custom blockchain solutions and smart contracts based on industry and application identified.

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Hosting a wide variety of courses ranging from blockchain foundations to our blockchain engineering course.

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"Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day"

Fred Ehrsam

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Eliminating paperwork and reducing costs, while increasing efficiency traceability and AI.


Controlling prescription drugs while providing accurate and immutable patient records.


Blockchain technology revolutionizes banking, stock markets, and insurance mechanism.

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